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Non-Aggression Principle Lyrics:


If you want this world to be not perfect but more peaceful
I have a wee suggestion to make you're day more gleeful.

As a general rule of thumb don't be the first to end the fun
With physical force, threats of force or scamming peaceful people.

Non-Aggression Principle says it's not justified
To initiate coercion with force or threats or lies.

You'll likely make more friends if you follow it
But if you don't and say you do, you're just a hypocrite.

For life to be more fun, we should support the Non-Aggression Principle, Hey!


According to the Non-Aggression Principle it's not good to initiate coercion.
What's coercion?
Forcing others to do something using physical force, threats of physical force or fraud.
Physical Force?
I'll let this angry cop explain.


Officer Violence is my name and I'm above the law.
I give the orders, and punch you in the jaw.

If you disobey me, I'll bind you're hands and fast.
Lock you in a cage and taser you in the...

If you treated anyone as I have treated you.
They'd label you a psycho, and use a padded room.

For some peculiar reason, that don't apply to me.
Physical force I use of course to earn a bloody fee.


Ouch! Physical force is brutal. Attacking others, tying them up, moving them somewhere they don't want to go. That's not nice. What about the threat of physical force?

Agent Extortion works for the IRS and he can't wait to explain this one.


I'm not going to hurt you, but if you don't comply
I'll get someone who will, and cage you till you die.

Just hand over your income so we can spend a ton
Piss it all away, and send you back some crumbs.

I learned from the best, my teacher, Al Capone.
He's really good at threats, and fracturing you're bones.

It's also called extortion, a mafioso crime.
We get away with it, while gangsters do the time.


Yikes, so a threat is basically telling someone they better do what you want or else you'll hurt them?
So what's fraud?
Lying to benefit yourself or to hurt others. Let's listen to another expert who for once is telling the truth.


Hi my name is Lies-a-lot. I give my donors thanks.
I'm paid by clubs and union thugs, corporations, banks

And any special interest, yes anyone will do.
Just get me elected and I'll pass a bill for you.

I use all the money that they give to me
To broadcast lies for everyone to see.

The voters give me power, and their taxes too
Because I tell them lies. What a bunch of fools!


So fraud is lying to fool others into doing something that benefits you and hurts them.
All these types of coercion are pretty bad.
For life to be more fun, we should support the Non-Aggression Principle. Hey!
Can coercion ever be used in a good way?
Yes. But only for defense. For example, observe...


Vinny Voluntaryist living free and having fun
Playing on his property, not hurting anyone.

Blossom is a bully. She likes to start the fights
Initiates coercion with lies and hits and bites.

Since she starts the trouble her behavior isn't good
But Vinny has an option that anybody should.

He can use coercion to stop her attack
Or reclaim what is his, nothing more than that.


So according to the Non-Aggression Principle, I should not initiate, or in other words, I should not be the one that starts the coercion, like Officer Violence, Agent Extortion, Mr. Lies-a-lot or Blossom. But if someone initiates coercion against me, I can use coercion in response to defend myself, like Vinny.
But why is the Non-Aggression Principle so important?
If we both understand and live by the Non-Aggression Principle we can make more friends, happily coexist and cooperate to accomplish great things, instead of being jerks like those guys.
Cool, man!
You want to sing with me?
You bet you're ... I do!


Non-Aggression Principle says its not justified
To initiate coercion with force or threats or lies.

You'll likely make more friends if you follow it
But if you don't and say you do you're just a hypocrite.

For life to be more fun
We should support the Non-Aggression Principle. Hey!

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